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20-50% OFF most items on this site! 

Limited pieces.

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CNY – Wearbianca designer’s pick .

Chinese New Year is coming, while everyone is rushing to get their new year clothes there is something we shouldn’t neglect. We need the perfect accessories to complete the outfits. Accessories helps to add that little extra something for your outfit.

So here’s Wearbianca’s pick for CNY accessories.

1. These petite red flowers gently brings on the atmosphere of the NewYear. They are exquisite little flowers that bring your outfit into a different level of sophistication.

2. WearBianca’s Signature Ribbon Clip. We know not everyone adore the bright glaring feeling that the colour red gives, so this dark red and its retro patterns helps to bring out a more mature and demure air within you.

3. Rings, so when you lift up your dainty hands to offer the mandarins or to sip some tea, your gem rings are sure to play with the colours of the NewYear and compliment whatever you hold.

or the orange and beige one if you were never a fan of the colour red.

What’s more?

WearBianca’s CNY special ! 

 Free gift from WearBianca with purchases above $25 !! & Free registered postage for purchases above $30 ! So shop now ! 

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Ribbon collection have launched ! Handmade goodness!

Hey girls ! The ribbon collection is up , do check it out here  ! We are also proud to announce that from now on we will provide customized services for hair accessories. All hair accessories are handmade with love n care! We will respond to request to change clips into rubberband, or elasticbands into headband/hairband! Do include these request in your order form!

We have also made a special WearBianca’s signature ribbon ! 

Have fun shopping !~

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This Friday! 6/1/12

Hey Girls! 

To embrace the new year, WearBianca will be launching our ribbon hair accessories collection. Every design is so pretty that it will be hard to resist them! So watch this space! We will be launching them this friday ! Also, we have updated our sales section! Check em out !

& place ur orders by filling up the order form!

                                                                                                            With Lots of Love,     The W.B Team

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WearBianca have Launched! Start shopping now!~

WearBianca is an online store that provides items that make people feel beautiful, confident and unique. Our Hair Accessories are all largely hand-made and exclusively designed. If you have any inquiries, email us at !

**Currently we only serve customers living in Singapore but we are willing to ship overseas under a case by case basis.  

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